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Houldsworth Solicitors raised £20,000 for local charity

Published on August 23rd, 2018

John Houldsworth
Solicitor & Director

Houldsworth Solicitors have raised over £20,000 for a local charity named the Dr Joe Jaffe Charity which raises money for Pendlebury Children’s Hospital where medical staff operated on John’s Granddaughter and Amanda’s Niece Emma when she needed a kidney transplant in August 2005.

Amanda explains “My Niece Emma suffered from renal failure and spent several weeks at Pendlebury Childrens Hospital. She received months of dialysis before being extremely lucky in August 2005 to receive a kidney transplant.”

“Obviously all of our family were absolutely devastated when Emma became ill and we are so very grateful that she received a transplant and is now in excellent health. However we are well aware that in the future Emma will need further care.”

“I therefore decided to show the families appreciation by doing a bungee jump after I received a letter from the hospital appealing for participants. I raised over £3500 and all the funds will go towards providing vital life saving equipment at the Joe Jaffe Renal Unit at the hospital.”

In March 2007 the firm also had a dinner dance at the Stirk House Hotel at Gisburn where they raised over £19,000.

Houldsworth Solicitors have chosen the Doctor Joe Jaffe Charity as it is a Charity obviously very close to their heart. They intend to carry out further fund raising events in the future.